Rapid product development for startups

With over 15 years of experience building products for clients I am able to bring your ideas to market quick. Utilizing Agile methodologies such as Kanban or Scrum and using rapid development software we will be able to deliver your products to your clients in shortest time frame possible.

I have both worked for Enterprise clients such as Sony Erickson and IKEA in functional and technical roles as well developed and launched products for small startups.

Ongoing software development and team support

Do you already have a running product and just need more support? I can help out here too.

Level up your team with training and courses

I frequently give tailored courses on various topics.

Product and team kickoff

Are you about to kickoff a new product or launch your brand new startup? Would you like to have a talk on best practices to make your product rock?

Team and product quick scan

Do you have an existing product and would you like to see how well you’ve implemented your development process? Want to double check whether you can increase your team’s velocity? See if you’re optimized for speed and delivery? Or maybe assess how new technology can increase your team speed and stability. Then schedule a call with me.

Product development and design sprints

I can facilitate design sprints for you.

Founders boot camp

A super pressure cooker to learn you and your team everything about efficient product delivery in 2 days. From choosing the best tech for your product to user stories and team hiring.

Interim CTO services

If you want to start today with your product while waiting to hire a CTO? Then I can help you have a solid base and move forward on the product until you’ve got your super talented hire!