Heads up! I was providing free mentoring, but unfortunately not doing it free anymore. Sorry about that. See below for more info if you came to this place because of that!

I’m up for team coaching and code consulting for everyone. Every Thursday and Friday I’m available for calls between 10:00-17:00 GMT+1.

I love coaching and brainstorming with teams on finding solutions and learning from them and educating others.

What you waiting for? Book an appointment here in my calendly! Also add me on LinkedIn here: www.linkedin.com/in/ebosch or follow me on GitHub

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So, what’s the deal with no free mentoring anymore?

I really wanted to do free mentoring to help people forward. Unfortunately it became really demotivating since a big slice of people dropped of as soon as they had something come up or when it became a bit more challenging. People would miss their deadlines, not finish their homework, or not actually develop their skills and projects or simply not show up. It actually made me pretty miserable.

As soon as i started to charge for this, this changed. I got better quality, more motivated and happier mentees.

Mentoring is not my main income, I do it as an aside.

So whats the price tag?

The mentoring costs the same as my consultancy base rate. 85,- an hour and goes in packages by four per hour. So starting for 340,- a month. We can squeeze in 8 or 16 mentor moments in those 4 hours depending on what you need.

Now, lets say you’re totally in no position to pay this money but you are super dedicated drop me a message and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Some things I can help you with

  • Learn a programming language or framework such as Rails, Node or Deno.
  • My development team is not having as much of velocity as I want to. How can I improve this?
  • How do I prepare for a development interview? Do I need to know algorithms and this LOG(N2) magic?
  • I am building this great aggregator system, I think we need 16 microservices, can you check if I drank the kool-aid?
  • We’re not sure what kind of container solution we should use. Kubernetes, Messos, Rancher, Maersk?
  • Everyone says testing is important, what should I test?
  • Can you check my pull request?
  • How can I successfully outsource my development?
  • We’re deciding on a front-end framework, can you recommend me anything? Why?
  • What are the best practices for requirements gathering?
  • What do I need to look for when hiring a developer?
  • What kind of API technology should I use?
  • I’m a starting developer, where should I focus on?
  • Should I attract external capital? Or just bootstrap? Or maybe just ICO this stuff?

Wow! How can I book you?

You can book me on my calendly here.

Can you offer me an internship or a job?

Yes! I totally can! I have many awesome projects for you to work on. From standard CRUD apps to landing pages. From lifestyle businesses to high frequency trading, crypto to CPU cache alignment projects. I have a big network of startups and I’m sure i can give you a great place to grow! I’ll check your pull-requests to talk about architectural choices. I’m here to support you!

Check out the jobs page for more info!

Okay, but my team needs training, not me, I’m ace!

Of course! I give training to small to medium sized teams on various subjects. I’m a certified scrum master and certified trainer and have over 15 years development and team leading experience.

I give training in the following subjects:

  • Effortless and future proofing APIs with Graphql and Apollo.
  • Design sprint & requirements training for product owners.
  • Prototyping and validating products for beginners.
  • Product development, hiring and outsourcing for non-technical founders.
  • Git and GitHub training for teams.
  • Rapid development with Ruby, Graphql and Apollo.
  • How to crypto (currency)

Mail me here for pricing or make a booking in my calendly.

Yeah, but my team has no money!

Ha, not a problem either! Contact me when you can provide me transport and accommodation to your fabulous country! In return I’ll train your team for free, minimal stay is 2 weeks (I’m afraid of flying, and takes 2 weeks to build up courage!)

Free training for less fortunate 🙏

With our get-one-give-one plan we’ll help you out! Whenever you are buying a seat at my training you also donate a seat to a less fortune developer who is not able to pay for the training.

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