Finally! No more boring workshops and courses! I give exiting and fun workshops to optimize your team! Every workshop and course comes loaded with fun talks, cases from the field, exciting excercises and drinks after.

Some of my clients are Snappet, Picnic, RTL, Videoland, Makeschool, and Moneyou.

For a total list of clients tech stack, check this.

Velocity team courses?

Velocity courses are specifically built to ramp up your team’s velocity. Over the years I’ve collected best practices and technologies that increased my team velocity a lot.

Courses for founders

I’ve built these courses in order to ramp up new founders on building digital products. The courses enable you to get closer to your development, product and ux teams for increased velocity and successful delivery.

Rails and ruby tailored gigs

Gigs are two-to-four week implementations that I do with my team. They are common things that more mature Rails apps might need.

The step-up program

The step up program is to aid employed developers to become freelancers or digital nomads.

Interested? Send a mail to Emile