In this chapter we’ll introduce you to our product delivery process. If you’re a client than this chapter is for you.

In general our process looks like this:

  • First contact
  • User requirements workshop
  • First sprint
  • Client + customer feedback
  • ..n sprints
  • Done

First contact

See if you like us and see if we like you. Some things covered here are:

  • Company and team introduction
  • See if we have compatibility and a culture fit
  • Singing of our mutual NDA if necessary and doing the other paperwork
  • Attest your commitment to the product to be build
  • Clarify what you expect from us as a team
  • Explain what we expect from you as a customer
  • Overview of our process works
  • Your budget, I know it might be uncomfortable but read why I need to know your budget
  • Payment of the requirements workshop

The requirements workshop

The goal of the workshop is to get a super clear view on what your business needs are. The outcome will be a prioritized backlog and the input for the first sprint.

  • Introduce you to all the tooling we use so that we can communicate on similar levels
  • Setup terminology of the functional domain that your business operates
  • Writing userstories and roles
  • Prioritizing the backlog for the first sprint
  • Pitch play
  • How testing works, what we expect from you in terms of test committment and reporting bugs
  • Pre-payment of half the sprint

Etc. After the workshop we’ll know a lot more about what you really want.

The first sprint

The goal of the first sprint is to carve out the big lines of your product. And deliver value fast. It usually consists of:

  • Having a production domain and a place to check for progress
  • The first couple of features delivered to get a general feel of your app

The review of the sprint

  • Show what has been delivered in a DEMO
  • Access to the productin environement
  • Sprint retrospective
  • Payment of the sprint