Our hiring process comes done as follows:

  • Write application
  • Distribute it online
  • Selecting
  • Interviewing
  • Simple code test
  • One week
  • Hired

1. Write the application

The application should be written in English. Outline our requirments and our process.

2. Distributing online

Next up is distributing the application, possible sources are:

  • Stackoverflow
  • Github
  • Dutch Startup Jobs

3. Selecting

  • Knowledge of development processes / best practices
  • English language
  • Timezone differences
  • Code skills
  • Pragmatism
  • Eager to learn

4. Interview

Interview should be based on technical expertise, overall process knowledge, and motivation.

Samples questions are:

  • Please explain me the steps on how to build from a client wish to a running application in production
  • Can you tell me what a pull-request is for?
  • Tell me something about scrum or kanban

5. Write a simple app from scratch

This is basically to check what happends if you give a an interviewee, carte blance. Here you can see if:

  • They take the responsibility
  • Adhere to a process defined in this guides
  • Ask the right questions

6. The first month

The first month is to check if we are still on schedule

7. Hired