This is a small attempt to jot down our culture.

Work anywhere

We believe that quality products can be made anywhere. We promote remote. We promote a good quality of life while building beautiful things.

Value diversity

We don’t discriminate on gender, sex, race, etnicity, color, religion or anything that I missed out. We encourage diversity in our company. We want to learn from any background.

Love work and value our freedom

We are a community that wants to travel the world, work where we want and deliver top notch products. We believe that we don’t need to be locked in an office to embrace quality.

Strife for a frictionless work environment

We try to prevent friction as much as possible while doing our work. We try to keep everything as simple as possible. We avoid complicated workflows, avoid meetings, promote doing what really adds to the product or service we’re offering. We automate the things that can be automated. We remove barriers when we run into them.

Transparant and give back to the community

Everything we do is published. From code, to documentation to development diaries, information on how we work. We spread best practices, we are open for input, we learn from others. We are opinionated but open for change.

Choose pragmatism

We rather finish things, than be stagnated. We do and say sorry later. We do things, the simplest way possible, and deploy that first. We are building for the 80% first and edge cases come later.

Value every day

We strife to deliver value every day for our clients and collegues.

Bbuild for a better world

We want our products to aid to a beter world. This means that certain clients will be rejected depending on our values that don’t align with ours or allow harm to others in financial, mental or physical ways.


Courage means doing things, even when we’re afraid. We are, and work with people that are not afraid to do new things. Wether its talking to clients and developers directly or switching toolsets that you’ve heavily vested in, we are brave people that try new things all the time.

Curious and open minded

We are looking further then our own stack, ways or methods. We ask why and wonder instead of dismissing when some one comes with an alternative.

Communicate openly

  • Use of pull-requests
  • Slack for chat
  • Feedback tools such as invision

Optimize for happiness

Some references