We have specific demands on working with out client, this allows for a very easy and oiled working environment.

Things to be installed on your laptop

  • A decent browser
  • Access to Slack, InvisonApp, Trello and Github

Things that would help you

  • An open and trusting mindset
  • Rework is a good book about building a product
  • Scrum or agile workcourse

Your responsibilities

  • Be efficient, schedule meetings really as a last resort. Anything that can be done via Skype, mail or Slack suits.
  • Be humble, if you don’t know what you’re exactly talk about, don’t add noise to a conversation, but ask for clarification.
  • Ensuring that the user stories are up to date and sorted by business value before each sprint.

How to report bugs

  • Be descriptive. Tell exactly what isn’t working.
  • Be clear on how you got the error. Please provide a reproduction path. Tell us how you’ve got the error.
  • Tell us what you’ve expected to happen.
  • Supply information such as which browser and version you are using, which operating system. Which devices.
  • Add screenshots, record a screencast. Add anything that can add value on us hunting the bug down.