Want to build super snappy apps with react? In this course we’ll teach you how to be a super productive React developer.

What you’ll learn

A lot! After this course you will be able to:

  • Build react apps with create-react-app and from scratch
  • Understand component life cycle
  • Working with state
  • Communicating between components
  • Learn about smart and dumb components
  • Understand react ecosystem
  • Make stateful and stateless components
  • Learn best practices on how to organize your app
  • Profiling react
  • Server side rendering with react
  • Testing react components
  • Working with react hooks
  • Working with react storybook


Front enders, full stackers


1 day training 800,-

About the trainer

Emile is the CTO at Leaplines. He is responsible for the overall architecture of the API and software landscape. Emile’s team has been using Graphql successfully in production for over 2 years enabling high performant, declarative API’s for customers such as Hudson Bay, Bijenkorf, Action and Suitsupply.