Do you want to be able to build better and more stable, scalable APIs in shorter time frame for your apps and single page applications? Want to understand how Facebook, IFTT and Shopify build their API infrastructure without breaking their APIs and keep thousands of clients happy? Then this GraphQL course is totally for you!

What you’ll learn

A lot! After this course you will be able to:

  • Improve team velocity by adopting GraphQL for your products across the board.
  • Build high quality APIs that are easy to understand and a breeze to query and use.
  • Design and evolve your API without breaking your clients and consumers.
  • Do authentication and authorization of your API.
  • Have a GraphQL mindset in your API design allowing you to design better and more future proof APIs.
  • Understand what GraphQL is, why it exists, and what problem it solves.
  • Build an efficient micro service architecture on top of GraphQL.
  • Know the best tricks to test your GraphQL API.


  • Developers, front-enders


1 day training 1500,-

About the trainer

Emile is the CTO at Leaplines. He is responsible for the overall architecture of the API’s and software landscape. Emile’s team has been using Graphql successfully in production now for over 2 years enabling high performant, declarative APIs for customers such as Hudson Bay, Bijenkorf, Action and Suitsupply.