Do you want to able to deploy apps faster and more reliable? Be able to deploy your code with minimum effort? Then this course it totally for you. In this course you’ll learn how to work with Docker. How to package your applications and start running your code in a cluster.

What you’ll learn

In this course you’ll learn:

  • What Docker is
  • Container philosophy in general
  • Installing docker on your machine and servers
  • Container management such as starting, stopping, exposing ports
  • Deploying apps with docker on various PAAS
  • Building and deleting and managing images
  • Use private and public registries for your images
  • Use docker-compose to build multi-container environments
  • Working with continuous integration
  • Best practices on image management, application management
  • Build tooling for docker
  • Understand docker under the hood


Developers, sysadmins


2 day training 1500,-

About the trainer

Emile is the CTO at Leaplines. He is responsible for the overall architecture of the API’s and then software landscape. Emile’s team has been using Graphql successfully in production now for over 2 years enabling high performing, declarative API’s for clients such as Hudson Bay, Bijenkorf, Action and Suitsupply.