I’ve tried to get my own transactions back from 2015 in an easy digital processing format (CSV/CAMT/MT940) that allows me for reconstruction of my financial transactions for my accounting software, but so far this journey has been proven challenging.

Yes, you can download a MT940, or CAMT but only 18 months back from the current moment. Not anything past that. Even the newly PSD2 regulation doesn’t allow up for anything dating 18 months back unfortunately.

After calling customer service the only option they could do was provide me scanned pdfs of the original bank statements. Apart from not begin processable easy (i.e they are photos in pdf format of bank statements) they are also limited in the information they contain. They for instance, do not include all fields an MT940 requires to be valid.

Of course my data must be there somewhere in the system they use for reporting, fraud detection and analytics, so why can’t I access it? Let’s try and figure it out.

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