A couple of years ago I quit Facebook. I left Facebook for their privacy violations, tracking and bad ethics. Even more of a shit storm came to the light recently like the ways they trick kids to spend money on parents’ creditcard and their involvement in swaying elections. A vpn app that puts the spotlight on kids data which tracks all data coming in and out, thats apparently how they roll.

Facebook is a super prominent entity in your life that is barely reachable by phone and that you can hardly ask any questions to.

It’s a toxic and a harsh environment to be in with a history of questionable accountability.

So why did I come back?

Unfortunately, it’s super hard to get the same level of comfort on your social aspect of life without Facebook.

Facebook makes life easier, it’s fucked up but it does. It so ingrained in our society. Centralisation makes stuff easier. A centralized, global repository of events, humans, entertainment makes things easier and more accessible.

Are you like me trying to find a new place to live? Thousands of groups are on Facebook to let rooms and houses.

Lost your phone while dancing drunk on a festival? The event page is the place to ask if someone found it.

Lost a human you desperately want to meet again? Facebook.

Traveling around and want to add someone? Facebook.

Find people to kite with? Facebook.

Fuck this. Lets fix this. Stay tuned.

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