Hey you! Let’s learn kubernetes Certified Kubernetes Administator (CKA) together. We’ll all be working to nail the CKA exam and become certified administrators 🎉 Oh my!

How does it work?

I’ve set up a slack were we can spam the resources that we need in order to learn for the exam. We’ll try to set up clusters and do all the tasks needed to pass, and because we learn collectively we can help eachother out with questions and difficulties that might come our way.

You can find the the slack here: Learn together

After gathering all the resources I will post best practices and things we’ve learned here and on reddit for future students to use.

Why would you ever want to become a CKA?

No clue, but its a cool test to check your kubernetes skills. There are probably also people that value such a thing as a certification. I just do it for fun and having a bunch of people learning together is more joyful and keeps me more motivated. It costs 300 USD though. but you get a free retry I believe. You can register here. We’ll all be working to nail the CKA exam and become certified administrator.

What you’ll need

You need to have access to a kubernetes cluster locally. For some taks you need to setup your own cluster. But for most you can use minikube or some playground like Katacoda.

If you actually want to get your CKA, you need to register for an exam and pay the Linux Foundation some money.

Also it really helps if you have some linux and docker experience already. Maybe some rancher. Basic linux skills also works.

Are you certified?

Nope, not yet, thats why I am doing it.

Are you affiliated in any way? Or get money for it?

Nope, also not. Again doing it to keep me motivated and learn from eachoter.

When does it start?

September 3d 2018, via slack.

Some resources to get you started

Here are some resources to kick off your learning journey

Notes on CKA

Online learning

Setting up local cluster

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