Around 35 attendants and myself were hacking all day long on graphql-ruby with some awesome results. For newcomers we had a crash course on GraphQL from Robert Mosolgo himself, Graphql god at Github himself! 🙀

During the day we delivered some notable things:

We had some great speakers too, lets talk some key takeaways.

Impraise on “Mistakes with GraphQL (and how you can learn from it)”

  • It may take some time for the team to switch from an REST mindset to a GraphQL mindset. Ensure that everyone has a decent understanding on GraphQL
  • Train your team on what it means to be consume a graph.
  • Let the API follows client demands, and be strict, and dont add any fields because you might need it in the future.

“How Appsignal uses GraphQL” – from the talented team at Appsignal

  • Appsignal showed how they implemented their GraphQL API and how they expose a metrics heavy API.

“Securing a GraphQL API” from the people at HackerOne

  • HackerOne shown how they’ve implemented column based security in the API

“How Github runs GraphQL”

  • Github’s REST API’s also consume the GraphQL API. REST is an adapter and compatibility layer.
  • Testing existing REST API’s data results with GraphQL API’s results is done using a gem called scientist.
  • Even github server side pages query the GraphQL API.
  • The GraphQL API is activing as a funnel for all the data acessed via github.

All the slides will be uploaded to speakerdeck soon.

Thanks everyone for participating! Looking forward to the next hackathon 🙌

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