Train The Team (TTT) are casual pragmatic hands-on workshops where I train one of my tech teams in order to adopt a new skill. The aim of Train The Team is to get buy-in from the team and to give them a headstart on new tech or ideas. They are free to join for outsiders as long as we have seats left.

In this edition we’ll be covering ES6 at Leaplines, my own company. We have 4 available seats for outside people.

Let me know if you’re interested 🙌. Send me an e-mail if you want to join.


15th August 10:00-13:00


Moovs, Rijnsburgerweg 3, 2334 BA Leiden


In this workshop we’ll cover the following topics:

  • What is ES6, what is it trying to solve, and why do we need to adopt it as a team.
  • Why not Coffeescript, plain JS, emscript etc?
  • What’s a transpiler and why do we need it?
  • A small introduction to some core benefits of ES6 opposed to plain JS.
  • Working with functions and lambdas.
  • How to work with const and let and how it relates to var.
  • Why this was crap in js but, sorta works in ES6.
  • Working with classes and inheritance.
  • Maps, iteratores, promises, spread params and rest.
  • Working with JSprettier.
  • Maybe webpack, if we got time left.


  • You need to understand plain JS
  • Bring a laptop with node installed and npm

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Hope to see you soon!

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