Together with the guys and gals of Hacker1 I’m organizing a graphql-ruby hackathon in Amsterdam end of August 2017.

This in honor of the great work provided by Robert Mosolgo and the contributing community πŸ™ making the graphql-ruby ecosystem the thing of beauty it is today.

The aim of this hackathon is to;

  • Look at various implementations of ruby-graphql via lightning talks at our beloved startups. An unique opportunity to check out how graphql operates under the hood at these high-traffic companies.
  • See what could be improved or added to the ecosystem and discuss topics to hack on.
  • Learn from eachothers best practices in order to bump ruby-graphql next level.
  • Look whats outside the box/ruby domain to draw inspiration from.

We’re organizing this hackathon via this event repository, which is actually not a bad way to organize something for devs! Lets get this party started! πŸ‘Š

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