Ohmaahgaaahhd! I need to get this out of my system. Unity’s C# API is amazing! It really does a couple of things very pleasantly without being in your face like a idiot. I’m used to integrate with multiple tools such as Eclipse or Visual Studio to make extensions but it was never as frictionless as it is working with unity.

  • Most functions and API calls are all living under one namespace aptly named Unity, no more litering your code with a billion import statements.
  • You dont have to override any methods to implement logic with monobehaviour. Unity magically binds the right methods to the components.
  • GameObjects are super extendable with the introduction of components that can be accessed by GetComonent<RigidBody>() for instance.
  • Making extensions to the editor itself is as easy as placing your C# script into an Editor folder and it just works.

Holy crap. Visual Studio, C# and MSFT can totally learn from this amazing DX experience.

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