Just a headsup. I’ve opensourced drone build for faster and private registry builds of docker images.

This image allows you to access and build docker images faster from drone.

In order to use this you need to:

  • Allow trusted build at your drone registry
  • Edit the drone yml to use the following image

The .drone.yml file for instance used at our company with pushing to our private registry.

  image: 54hrs/drone-docker-build
    - docker login -u registry -p $$REGISTRY_PASSWORD -e [email protected] registry.private.com
    - docker build -t registry.private.com/apps:$CI_COMMIT .
    - docker push registry.private.com/apps:$CI_COMMIT
    - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/host.sock:ro

It speeds up by using the underlying host docker.

Check out the Github repo here