It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT geek, marketing person, CEO, farmer, founder, boy or a girl. You need to learn to code.

I’ll break down why.

It will give you a great sense of accomplishment

When you build software and actually produce a product you will feel a sense of accomplishment when people will use it. Solving problems and finally fixing things make you feel happy.

It will make you a better solver of problems and help you in other fields of life

When you code you learn to break down complex problems into small comprehensible bits. It will stimulate you, and make you a better problem solver. Programming is a fight against complexity. But it’s not just limited to coding, you use the same methods to break down issues with all the other things in everyday life.

It will give you freedom and security

I’m traveling the world, and I’ve always been able to code for clients and generate income. As long as there is an Internet connection a laptop and some power I am able to do my work.

Finding clients can be sometimes challenging, but most of the times it is not that hard. I’ve been abroad or in countries where the crisis didn’t hit that hard. As long as i had my laptop i was able to live and have an income.

The world is more and more in need of skilled computer developers with passion.

You can make still a difference

Building software is an art. And with platforms like Github to share code and with blogs and all the tools out there you are more then ever enabled to get yourself out there and be heard.

Especially if you are from a background where coding is not at all that abundant you will make a difference immediately. You can put your coding skills to good use whatever job you are good in.

From building websites to sell your products, to producing models and software for calculating the amount of fertilizer you need to fertilize your land.

You’ll meet amazing people

Coders are curious and fun people. There are tons of communities around both in real life, on the web and IRC. If you are into open-source you’ll share code, build together on new products.

You don’t have to be a genius or a geek

I’m a school dropout, I can’t even do basic math. I’m bad at remembering names, and I need to lookup documentation a lot. It. Doesn’t. Matter. Its about the passion you have, and how eager you are to learn.

It can be daunting at first, but it really isn’t that hard.

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