A polyglot hacker's sandbox - Docker based dev environments in minutes.

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Polybox - a docker based polyglot hacker's sandbox


The aim of this project is to make it as easy to hack and explore other programming languages and environments without going trough the hastle of installing them.

With polybox you are able to quickly setup a rails, go or nodejs environment and start hacking.

How to install (OSX)

Make sure you've installed vagrant.

Clone and cd into the repo:

git clone https://github.com/emilebosch/polybox.git && cd polybox

How to run a polybox

To run a polybox use the ./pb shell command:

./pb [box-to-run]

For instance:

./pb rails4

This will create a directory in ./src/rails4 for your code, pulls and runs rails polybox container and mount the ./src/rails4 directory in your polybox container under /src

This is a trowaway container. As long as your development code is stored in /src within the polybox, it will be remounted during new polybox sessions and your code is safe.

How to donate a polybox!

PLEASE Add your favourite dev environment!

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