Tools with a * are paid.

For collaboration and cross discipline

  • Basecamp - for specs and collaboration
  • Jing - for screencast sharing/movies we use this give feedback, explain requirements or specifications.
  • Slack - for team communication. This is our general team chat across all disciplines.
  • Skype - for team communication

For Ux

  • Invisonapp for mockups collaboration
  • Balsamiq for basic mockups.

For design

  • Photoshop for designs
  • Invisonapp for mockups collaboration
  • Sketch for designs

For development

  • Github for code hosting pr workflows
  • Git-extras for better git handeling
  • Sublime text as our standard editor
  • Rbenv for Ruby environments
  • Vagrant for virtual environments
  • Dokku for deployment
  • Heroku for deployment
  • Brew for installing new software
  • Brew Cask for installing new software
  • Sourcetree for viewing git history
  • Licecap for recording small GIF screencast for pull requests