I am at this moment in life where I am no longer worried. Where I have come to understand, made a safe space, established a sense of security in myself and my place in society. Where I’ve grown enough to know that there was never, ever, a need to be worried. It took a damn long time to get here and looking back, I would never have got here without the people I love. Next year, 2020, I will try to share this peace with others. I will try my best to enable others to build their own future and to see that maybe, they never needed to be worried either.

In order to do this I want to give back. And right now I only posess a couple of base skills I can provide.

One of them is programming, a capability to endlessly dissect problems and turn them into working code. Which fortunately the world is willing to pay for.

The other is sort of the ability to explain things.

Starting the first of January, I will begin building a code school that enables people with less fortunate economic societies to get an extra channel to learn and ask for advice.

I hope i can be of value for you all!


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